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Building Homestead in 2022

Written by Joe Ferguson / Original link on Jan. 9, 2022

There are two parts to the Homestead product: a base box named Laravel Settler and a run time Laravel Homestead. From the Settler repo, we’re able to build base boxes Homestead, Homestead-ARM, and Homestead-MariaDB. What do you need? You need Packer and a Virtualization provider. You can likely bui…

Getting Takeout with Homestead

Written by Joe Ferguson / Original link on Oct. 14, 2021

With the release of Homestead Base box Tighten's Takeout is now included by default. Takeout is a cli tool for creating general use Docker containers. Homestead has supported Docker since it's early days however takeout makes it incredibly convenient to create services via Docker instead of having…