Mobile Games and Nintendo : Mario Kart Tour is a disgrace that Nintendo should be ashamed of Forbes : ‘Mario Kart Tour’ Has A Bad Subscription Model That Costs As Much As Apple Arcade The Verge : Mario Kart Tour is too cynical to be fun The contrast between Mario Kart Tour and Apple Arcade is …

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Remember when people said that consoles were dead, and that Nintendo’s only chance for survival (and probably Apple’s only chance to get really good high-budget games on iOS) would be for Nintendo to make iPhone games ? Well, Nintendo’s new console is doing really well ,[^ps4] their good iOS game «disappointed» …

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Jon wrote: NINTENDO SWITCH. Discuss. Lukas wrote: With games like Splatoon, Zelda, and that new amazing looking Mario, it"™s going to do better than the Wii U, but it really feels like Nintendo is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They don"™t seem to understand what makes Nintendo consoles both …

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Of course, just days after I point out that Nintendo has been consistently profitable for a while, they post a loss . Just my luck. It should be noted, though, that this is not indicative of a problem with the console market as a whole. The PS4 and Xbox One are still outselling their predecessors, with the PS4 …

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Pokémon GO

John Gruber : I"™ve been advocating for Nintendo to fully commit to making games for mobile since 2013 (parts one and two). I just re-read both pieces and they both hold up really well. I hate to say it (OK, I love to say it), but it looks like I was right. That kind of remains to be seen. Pokémon GO …

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Input Masks: Violating User Expectations

When designing forms, there’s a pretty deep chasm between the needs of the developer, and the needs of the user. Developers want structured, normalized data. Users want to enter data in whatever format suits them best. Forcing people to enter structured data causes usability problems. What do you mean, it’s …

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Designed for Use, Second Edition

For the last months, I’ve been working on an updated version of Designed for Use. It’s now available! Among many others, the second edition includes the following amazing changes: Four totally new, never before seen chapters ,[^contrary] bringing the total from 35 to 40![^forty] Fixed all of the …

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The New Nintendo

Wiim : Samurais had only just been abolished when Nintendo started doing business. Nintendo has always been on its own track. And now that"™s changing. (…) Take your Zelda and NX announcements, discuss them all day if you have to, but the most monumental announcement is the birth of a Nintendo …

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Designing for the Edge Cases

Ash Huang : Product design is all about edge cases. It"™s trying to figure out how users will break your system, and doing your best to anticipate that. It"™s helping humans be better humans and keeping them from falling through cracks. If you require a short url to link to this article, please use …

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Why Steve Jobs Killed the Newton

Steve Jobs, via Egg Freckles : Focusing is saying yes, right? No. Focusing is about saying no. You"™ve got to say, no, no, no. The result of that focus is going to be some really great products where the total is much greater than the sum of the parts. I think that most companies can"™t be successful …

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