RE: Overengineered packages?

This is a reply to Johan Ronsse’s post “Overengineered Packages? ”. Be sure to read it first. After having posted about the class-names package , Johan turned to Twitter to state that the package overengineered . In a follow-up blogpost he argues that: At the moment I feel like it’s only invented because …

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react-use – Browser APIs as React Hooks

react-use is a collection of React Hooks that wrap many browser APIs and functions. Want to track the geolocation of a device? Use useGeolocation . Want to read the battery status? Use useBattery . Etc. import {useBattery} from 'react-use'; const Demo = () => { const batteryState = useBattery(); if …

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510 Not Extended

RFC2774 is an experimental RFC, that introduces a mechanism to allow developers to extend the HTTP protocol with vendor-specific features in a safe namespaced way. Around this time many new protocols and systems started to get built on top of HTTP, and the authors might have felt there was a need to do this in …

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Fixing a Toyota Sienna Automatic Window

After our 2010 Toyota Sienna van was in the shop this week, its driver’s side window stopped working correctly. It used to go all the way down automatically when you pushed it all the way down, and all the way up automatically when you pulled it all the way up. When you pulled the rocker … Continue reading "Fixing a …

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Written by Beth Tucker Long - - Aggregated on Thursday September 5, 2019

Offline listings

The other week I finally pushed full offline access to my blog. I'd taken a lot of inspiration from Jeremy Keith's service worker from his blog . One defining feature I wanted to support was that if you were offline and visited that page isn't cached, I wanted to list recent blog posts you had visited. The …

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Written by Remy Sharp - - Aggregated on Thursday September 5, 2019