How much have I spent with Amazon?

A few years ago my family only used Amazon to purchase books and electronics, but over the past year and a half, the company has made its way into our daily lives and now we order everything we can through it. It’s so convenient and easy to just pull up what we need and click order, versus spending the time driving to …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Wednesday May 16, 2018

New Pluralsight Course: OWASP Top 10, 2017

Just a tad over 5 years ago, I released my first ever Pluralsight course - OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks for ASP.NET . More than 32k people have listened to more than 78k hours of content in this course making it not just the most popular course I've ever released, but also keeping it as my most popular …

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Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Wednesday May 16, 2018

Web Development on Windows in 2018

Foreword I have been developing web apps on Windows for the last 10+ years. I ran PHP, Apache then Nginx, MySQL and Postgres, Redis and others. I dabbed in VMs at some point but was always dissatisfied with the experience so mostly this was all running natively on Windows. There were quirks for sure, I have used a …

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Written by Jordi Boggiano - - Aggregated on Wednesday May 16, 2018

Getting Lucky With Crystal in Homestead

I’m going to open this post with an apology for anyone who’s corporate firewall gets triggered by this URL, but I just couldn’t resist the title. A few days ago a random internet stranger (Rid) showed up in the Larachat Slack #homestead-dev room. This is about the best real time chat support for Homestead. Rid …

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Written by Joe Ferguson - - Aggregated on Tuesday May 15, 2018

Practicing symmetry

In a new video Jason McCreary , the creator of the wonderful Laravel Shift , demonstrates a few good tips to clean up code. In the video below Jason uses a …

Written by - - Aggregated on Tuesday May 15, 2018

Photos from DuPont State Forest

A couple of weeks ago I went mountain biking in DuPont  and had a blast. After coming home and telling my family about it we decided to rent a VRBO in the area and spend mother’s day weekend hiking and exploring the area. Below is a bunch of photos from the three waterfalls, Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and High …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Tuesday May 15, 2018