Notes for working on the OpenWhisk PHP Runtime

These are some notes for working on the OpenWhisk PHP Runtime , but are probably applicable to the other runtimes too. Setting up I have a clone of the runtimes I'm interested in and core side-by-side in a directory. You then need various tools for development, which are documented here for macOS & …

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Written by Rob Allen - - Aggregated on Wednesday July 4, 2018

Writing WordPress posts in Markdown

WordPress allows you to write your posts using Markdown. This feature is available using Jetpack. If you write some of your eBooks or other documents using Markdown, and need to transfer some of the same content to a WordPress blog than this feature is extremely useful. No need to again create a different HTML version …

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Written by code-diesel - - Aggregated on Wednesday July 4, 2018

200 OK

200 OK is the most common HTTP status code. It generally means that the HTTP request succeeded. If the HTTP request was a GET request, the response should include the full representation of the resource. If the response has no body, then the 204 No Content response body should be used instead. Example: …

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Written by Evert Pot - - Aggregated on Tuesday July 3, 2018

Vuex External File

Setup Vuex with external file []( But after this make a file in the `resources/assets/js` called `store.js` then set it up as needed Here I will have one loading state ``` export default { state: { loading: true, }, getters: …

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Written by Alfred Nutile RSS - - Aggregated on Tuesday July 3, 2018

Learn Laravel Forge

Learn Laravel Forge is new video course on Laracasts teaching you all things Forge, by guest instructor Marcel Pociot! The course consists of over twenty free …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Tuesday July 3, 2018

Blogging every week

A very important "trick" in finding the flow in life is: do what you like most . Of course, you have to do things you don't like (and then you need different life hacks), but when you can do something you like, you'll find that you'll be more successful at it. When it comes to blogging, I find that it helps to …

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Written by Matthias Noback - - Aggregated on Tuesday July 3, 2018

What’s Wrong With Global Variables?

Only lazy people haven't written already about how global variables are evil. It started in 1973 when W. Wulf et al. claimed that "the non-local variable is a major contributing factor in programs which are difficult to understand." Since then, many other reasons where suggested to convince programmers to stop …

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Written by Yegor Bugayenko - - Aggregated on Tuesday July 3, 2018

Web Design Weekly #325

Headlines Balancing Time If you have a hard time balancing work, life and free time then hearing about how Sarah Drasner sets up her workflow might help you reconsider your own. ( The Cost of JavaScript ( Bug tracking so simple, it’s like sticky notes on a website. BugHerd …

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Written by Web Design Weekly - - Aggregated on Monday July 2, 2018