Form Component

Written by Laracasts / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

Let's continue with another simple, but very useful component for constructing forms. Once complete, you'll no longer need to include the necessary @method and @csrf tags for every form.View the sour…

What Is Good Code?

Written by Paul M. Jones / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

(Epistemic status: I am not entirely satisfied with the Merchant here, but it's the closest I've been able to get so far.)When managing developers, and when watching conversations between developers online, I sometimes notice them arguing past each...

How is "nodemon" pronounced? [link]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

I love making tools (that keep out of your way). Nodemon turns 10 years old this year and this thread on reddit was sent my way.It's been a long running question (and joke) as to how nodemon is actually pronounced:node mon, no demon or nodémon (like pokemon)I'm rather enjoying the replies :)Source: …


Written by Sebastian De Deyne / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

Zipping is easy. Remembering zip's arguments is hard.Create a zip archive from multiple files:zip LICENSE index.jsCreate a zip archive from a directory:zip -r sebastiandedeyne-comUnzip contents to a specified directory.unzip -d sebastiandedeyne-com

What's the latest PHP version?

Written by / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

It seems like a simple question with a simple answer: the latest PHP version currently is PHP 7.4. However! If you want to know more inside information about how PHP's lifecycle is managed, keep on reading!# Levels of supportPHP versions are grouped in three levels of support: active, security fixe…

I don’t think I can afford that

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Jun. 2, 2020

Dear Reader, Recently I was listening to “Ready, Fire, Aim“, a fantastic marketing and business book. In it, the author, Michael Masterson, wrote about a lesson in negotiating that he learned from a business partner he once had that he calls BB. Masterson writes: “…I have discovered a much simpler, …

On current events

Written by Signal vs. Noise / Original link on Jun. 1, 2020

It’s easy to say what a year, what a week.But that’s a shortsighted, privileged point of view. I’m guilty of holding that occasional perspective. It’s moments like these that jolt me into recognizing …