Creating a Bolt theme from a template

A friend recently asked me if I could make a simple website for the new radiostation he was joining as a DJ. My usual job is big applications and web projects, so (while this may sound weird) a simple website is actually something I'm not that efficient in, but since finding Bolt I actually do that every once in a …

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Written by Stefan Koopmanschap - - Aggregated on Saturday October 17, 2015

Building Database-free Websites with Statamic CMS

A content management system (CMS) is a package of code around which you build a dynamic website—with components that change, adapt and update automatically, in contrast to a hard-coded, static site. In this article, Gareth Redfern presents a relatively new type of CMS that's challenging the more established …

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Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Friday October 16, 2015

Docker and Dockerfiles Made Easy!

It’s become second nature for developers to use Virtual Machines to configure and manage their working environments. Most professionals who use VMs use Vagrant for dealing with their development environments. In this article, we’ll be moving from Vagrant to Docker, and use a small Laravel application to test that …

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Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Friday October 16, 2015

Custom Display Suite Fields in Drupal 8

Without question, Display Suite is one of the most popular modules in Drupal’s contributed modules history. It allows the creation of layouts, fields and exposes all sorts of other powerful tools we use to build the presentation layer of our Drupal sites. One of the more powerful features of Display Suite (DS) …

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Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Wednesday October 14, 2015

Incrementing values in PHP

Incrementing values in PHP Take a variable, increment it with 1. That sounds like a simple enough job right? Well.. from a PHP developer point of view that might seem the case, but is it really? There are bound to be some catches to it (otherwise we wouldn’t write a blogpost about it). So, there are a few different …

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Written by Joshua Thijssen - - Aggregated on Tuesday October 13, 2015

Ada Lovelace Day: The Allies

It's Ada Lovelace day, a day when we celebrate women in technology. This year I'd like to mention a group of people who make the biggest difference in the tech life of any minority: the allies. Who are the allies? This is hard to quantify, but it's the people who see humans as humans. For me it's the man from …

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Written by Lorna Jane - - Aggregated on Tuesday October 13, 2015

Debugging WordPress on Azure with Z-Ray

We all know that WordPress is an amazingly rich, extendable and simple platform. That’s probably one of the reasons it powers so much of the web today. But in some cases this richness can be the downfall of your site. If you load too many plugins, for example, or alternatively - select that one theme that is too …

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Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Monday October 12, 2015

jQuery Check All Checkboxes in a List

Pretty simple but if you google around you get some pretty poor results, and no article specific to it - not certain why the results are so poor since this has got to be a pretty common search. So a simple script and blog post will hopefully help some people. TL;DR View the snippet. Using jQuery to …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Saturday October 10, 2015

Automatic Asset Optimization with Munee

Munee is an asset management tool which can compile LESS, SCSS, or CoffeeScript, manipulate images, minify CSS and JS, and cache assets on the server and client on the fly. It works with PHP 5.3 and newer versions. In this tutorial, we will learn how Munee makes it easy to include assets in templates, how to …

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Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Saturday October 10, 2015

Revisionable – a quick example

A short reminder about my revisionable package (compatible with L4 & L5+) and quick example of how you can use it: 1. Controller: [crayon-58f11d8a267d7595024777/] 2. Model: [crayon-58f11d8a267e7729790973/] 3. Presenter: [crayon-58f11d8a267f1482558231/] 4. Views (only relevant parts) [crayon-58f11d8a267fd933646037/…

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Written by SOFTonSOFA - - Aggregated on Saturday October 10, 2015