PHP arrays - simple operations

Source: - Upupa4me Like all things in life, we need to start with simple things. So, in order to understand what arrays are in PHP, we need to take a look at the PHP manual to read what it is all about: An array in PHP is actually an ordered map. A map is a type that associates values to keys. …

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Written by DragonBe's PHP blog - - Aggregated on Wednesday January 6, 2016

Gathering Apache Core Dumps Inside Docker

Over the last four weeks, I’ve been plagued by numerous PHP segfault problems – multiple versions of PHP, on different operating systems, on different hardware, and running completely different codebases. Yesterday, I ran into a segfault that I couldn’t work around. It is happening with Apache + mod_php, running …

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Written by Stuart Herbert - Blog - - Aggregated on Wednesday January 6, 2016

The Parable Of The Piñata

Three engineers were standing around chatting at a children’s birthday party. The host approached them and asked, “can you help me hang this piñata somewhere in the house for the children to hit?” The engineers agreed, and set off to figure out the best approach to the problem. The most junior engineer was young and …

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Written by Brandon Savage - - Aggregated on Tuesday January 5, 2016

rebar3 shell

2016 01 05 rebar3 shell It took me a long time to write this article. One of the things about rebar3 shell is that it does what you expect it to do with a project, whether small or large: it loads up the code paths, boots up applications (if specified to), allows a distributed node to run, lets you define custom …

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Book Dust Jackets

I’ve been a digital reader most of my adult life but for the past year I’ve been trying to reduce my screen time and started buying real books. I started out with paperbacks but now I’ve moved into wanting hardcovers because they seem more sturdy and will stay in better condition longer. The one drawback I experienc…

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Monday January 4, 2016

API Testing with Runscope

I work with a lot of APIs and I really appreciate good tools. Lately I've been really enjoying using Runscope for testing and monitoring my APIs so I thought I'd share how I work with this tool, which has a great one-person free tier *and* the ability to import/export tests so if you need to work with a team with …

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Written by Lorna Jane - - Aggregated on Monday January 4, 2016

Motivating people to learn

Nearly two months ago I wrote a piece about Continuous Learning on the Dutch Web Alliance blog. In that article, I presented a lot of different ways of learning. All these ways of learning are interesting, but if you can't convince your developers to actually start learning, there is little use in having all these …

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Written by Stefan Koopmanschap - - Aggregated on Monday January 4, 2016

PHP arrays - the basics

In 2015 we celebrated the twentieth birthday of PHP and we even had the release of php-7.0.0. Life is all good! I wish it was all this peachy. In my work as a consultant or when I'm working on OSS projects I cannot help noticing that some of the basics of PHP are missing, especially when dealing with arrays. To give …

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Looking back at 2015 using Markov chains

PHP got support PHP Documentor has a new ‘query resource’ and can generally depend on. The difference is really have had to change that leaked a developer am not brand new, and responses and Slack for my palms, compared to send and it also follows the extra asterisk is Empathy, and ‘type’. Implementors a …

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Written by Evert Pot - - Aggregated on Saturday January 2, 2016

Just 20 Pages- A Goal To Read More

For the past two years, I’ve made the same new years goal, read more books. Both years I’ve failed. I would start off reading every night and a few weeks into the year something would happen to cause me to veer off course. A new side project idea, a new writing project, just to worn out, you can insert any excuse …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Friday January 1, 2016

Consumed in 2015

I started in 2014 to keep lists of everything I consume. I've continued this effort throughout 2015 and can now share the items I particularly enjoyed. In 2015, I read 16 books and 3 papers, watched 3 movies and 4 shows, listened to 1 audio book and no podcasts. A lot less TV compared to 2014, but most of that time …

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Written by Jef Claes on software and life - - Aggregated on Friday January 1, 2016

What a Year! Help Us Make 2016 Even Better!

It’s been a wild ride here at the PHP channel. The peer review program took full swing and produced results so good they resonated across other channels. Our average traffic has continued to gradually rise, and reader engagement is up, too - no doubt owing to our transition back to a more user friendly commenting …

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A Year of Running

A Year of Running London, UK Thursday, December 31st 2015, 12:15 GMT Today is the last day of the year. Champagne has been acquired, and I am gearing up to see The Force Awakens tonight. These are the times that we look back on the past year. From a technical point of view, …

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Written by Derick Rethans - - Aggregated on Thursday December 31, 2015

2015 on

The start of a new year is a milestone that makes many of us stop and look forward. What 2016 has in store for us? The next 12 months give us an opportunity to grow and empty page to fill. When planning ahead, we need to look back and reflect. What worked well and what didn’t? It’d foolish to repeat the same …

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