Weekly Update 78 (San Fran Edition)

Last day of travel! The weekly update is out late due to a packed week which I endured whilst battling a cold as well which has made it pretty rough. But other than that, it was a fantastic week recording Pluralsight courses and meeting with some really cool tech companies which I talk about in the update. I also talk …

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Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Saturday March 17, 2018

Customizing relations on models

#30daysWithEloquent customize relations on your models as necessary in your domain. Don't be afraid to add more relations that describe your logic better. …

Written by - - Aggregated on Saturday March 17, 2018

Nothing is Something

Here's a video of a great talk by Sandi Metz she gave at RailConf 2015. Our code is full of hidden assumptions, things that seem like nothing, secrets …

Written by - - Aggregated on Saturday March 17, 2018

Reading vs Audio Retention Rates

Today, I came across an interesting question on HN that asked, “Are there any studies about book reading retention rates vs. audiobooks?”. None of the answers that I have seen actually cite any studies, but it’s interesting to me on what some of the people say, most notably a user named Juvoni Beckford : …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Saturday March 17, 2018

Mix Extension Essentials

Laravel Mix 2.1 and up includes support for custom user extensions. In fact, the very components that Mix uses behind the scenes are constructed in the exact …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Friday March 16, 2018

3 weeks without coffee

Three weeks ago I decided that was going to take a break from coffee. Every once in a while I take a break from certain things, or try to minimize their usage. Some months ago I minimized the amount of soft drinks I was drinking, and 3 weeks ago it was time to quit coffee. I wanted to break the habit and get rid of my …

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Written by Stefan Koopmanschap - - Aggregated on Friday March 16, 2018

Wildcard LetsEncrypt Certificates on Forge

Today we’re happy to announce support for wildcard LetsEncrypt certificates on Laravel Forge. Of course, like other certificates, these certificates will automatically be renewed by Forge. When creating a wildcard certificate, you should list the wildcard sub-domain as well as the root domain in your domain list: …

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Written by Taylor Otwell - - Aggregated on Friday March 16, 2018

BrowserSync and Laravel

Quick reminder to take advantage of this amazing feature []( No more reloading your browser. ``` yarn add browser-sync --dev ``` then to your `webpack.mix.js` e.g. the domain of the site you are working …

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Written by Alfred Nutile RSS - - Aggregated on Thursday March 15, 2018

Custom 404 Pages and the Borg

Come along, as I upgrade the Laracasts 404 page from Laravel's default view to something a bit more special. In this episode, you'll learn how to override the …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Wednesday March 14, 2018