My Bref Makefile

In order to use Bref efficiently, I've developed a Makefile so that I don't have to remember all the various commands required. In particular, looking up the correct parameters to sam package & sam deploy is a pain and it's much easier to type make deploy and it all works as I expect. It looks like …

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Written by Rob Allen - - Aggregated on Wednesday May 15, 2019

425 Too Early

When a HTTP client makes a connection to a HTTPS server, it uses TLS to create a secure connection. TLS can have a bit of a complicated ‘handshake’ to establish the connection. Because there’s a bunch of back and forward, this can take a long time, especially when there’s a lot of latency between server and client. …

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Written by Evert Pot - - Aggregated on Tuesday May 14, 2019 Cause + Risk + Effect

“A project manager’s work should not focus on dealing with problems; it should focus on preventing them,”—this is how Rita Mulcahy started a chapter about Risk Management in her great book PMP Exam Prep . Sounds smart, but how does a project manager know about the problems which are supposed to be prevented? This …

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Written by Yegor Bugayenko - - Aggregated on Tuesday May 14, 2019

Web Design Weekly #354

Headlines What is design? Berlin based designer, Koos Looijesteijn does a pretty great job at looking at the different angles and coming up with a concise answer in this post. ( Inside Microsoft’s surprise decision to work with Google ( Articles Implementing a …

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Written by Web Design Weekly - - Aggregated on Monday May 13, 2019

Own Your Narrative

In my local paper,​ there was a story about a guy doing something dumb, the internet found it and now the insanity has started spiraling. He was fired from his job, now getting death threats, and on and on. The article ended with a quote from him saying, “now when anyone searches his name this event will be the first …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Monday May 13, 2019