Components and Concerns

Jeremy Keith, on Separation of Concerns and how that comes into play where one’s dealing with Component based design: My point is this: Separating structure, presentation, and behaviour is a good idea. Separating an interface into components is a good idea. Those two good ideas are not in conflict. They …

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Kitchen Island Project

We built our first "big" project (well, since the play kitchen a few years ago) since moving to this house nearly a year ago: a new kitchen island! I used to blog a lot about the house and crafts and things, then I got better known for code things and got stagefright and stopped ... but I love this stuff and I'll …

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I love writing code!

Dear Reader, If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. — Marc Anthony I love writing code. I love writing code that makes computers do things. I discovered this love when I was 14 years old and it has never left me. These days I get paid to write […] The post I love writing code! appeared …

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Why 'This' in JavaScript

While JavaScript is a fun and powerful language, it can be tricky and requires a proper understanding of its underlying principles to mitigate common errors. …

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Facebook researchers win Test of Time award

This article originally appeared at . Learn more about Facebook AI Research  here . We are pleased to announce that Facebook research scientists Ronan Collobert and Jason Weston won the 2018 International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) “Test of Time Award” for their paper, A …

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Written by Facebook Code - - Aggregated on Friday July 13, 2018

Here's Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

It was Jan last year that I suggested HTTPS adoption had passed the "tipping point" , that is, it had passed the moment of critical mass and as I said at the time, "will very shortly become the norm". Since that time, the percentage of web pages loaded over a secure connection has rocketed from 52% to 71% whilst …

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Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Thursday July 12, 2018

Pwned Passwords V3 is Now Live!

Over recent weeks, I've begun planning the release of the 3rd version of Pwned Passwords. If you cast your mind back, version 1 came along in August last year and contained 320M passwords. I made all the data downloadable as SHA-1 hashes (for reasons explained in that post) and stood up a basic API to enable anyone …

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Convert CSV to Excel in PHP

During a recent data conversion project I needed to convert around 250 CSV files to Excel (xls) format. As this was a PHP project I decided to write a small PHP script using the PhpSpreadsheet library. Installation Use composer to install PhpSpreadsheet into your project: composer require phpoffice/phpsp…

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