My Job Description

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Jun. 12, 2007

My boss asked me to write up my job description the last time I was out in Cupertino. I'm sure this isn't what he had in mind, but I'm going to share it here for all to see. The post My Job Description appeared first on Postcards From My Life.

Cool S3 Toy

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on May. 10, 2007

Dear Reader, Ok, so I took the plunge and got me an S3 account. (The missus is wise to all of my file hiding places these days so I needed something new) S3 looks cool and I really like it but everybody I read talks about using it as a backup tool or a sync […] The post Cool S3 Toy appeared first…

I’m twittering

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Apr. 20, 2007

Dear Reader, At Web 2.0 Expo, I finally got around to setting up a twitter account. ( I’ll be honest, I think it’s a fad. I don’t see it as becoming a serious Internet tool/toy. but I’m going to play with it while I’m on the road. I do see some interesting things you mig…


Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Apr. 15, 2007

Dear Reader, Actually I love this entire side of the country. I can feel my energy level rise as the plane got farther and farther west. Of course that was a false feeling, as soon as 10:00 PM arrived and I realized it was midnight at home, my energy level dropped back to normal. Even […] The post…