Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Sep. 19, 2007

Dear Reader, Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! (Photo by:Sebastian Bergman from ZendCon ’06) Until next time, (l)(k)(yar) =C= The post Yar! appeared first on Postcards From My Life.

People Who Block FireFox Are Just Stupid

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Sep. 3, 2007

Dear Reader, A while back a blogger named John wrote a snarky review of my review of Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP. While his review was a bit on the “untrue” side and prompted me to write Just Say No to SEO, his blog was interesting enough to put in my feed reader and […] The po…

I wanna talk about me…verse 2

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Aug. 25, 2007

Dear Reader, Several people have brought to my attention that Adobe is using my likeness in an ad. Yes, I wrote an article a while back that was published on both DevZone and in php|architect. (THE PHP magazine…if you are not a subscriber, you need to go now and subscribe, this content will be here…