Not on Facebook?

A few years ago I remember I’d be in a conversation with my parents and they would ask me about some person. Proudly I’d say what they are doing now and how I keep up with them from Facebook. Flash forward to this weekend and we had the exact same conversation in reverse. I asked about an old family friend that …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Monday April 22, 2019

Laravel Favicon Extractor

Laravel Favicon Extractor is a package by Stefan Bauer that provides a convenient way to extract a favicon from any website and save it to the configured …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Monday April 22, 2019

A PHP Compiler, aka The FFI Rabbit Hole

It’s no secret that I’m into building toy compilers and programming languages. Today I’m introducing something that’s not a toy (I hope). Today, I’m introducing php-compiler (among many other projects). My hope is that these projects will grow from experimental status into fully production ready systems.

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Written by Ircmaxell - - Aggregated on Monday April 22, 2019

Goodbye Joe

2019/04/20 Goodbye Joe Joe Armstrong is mainly known as the father of Erlang, and the Erlang family has always been relatively small and closely knit. Anyone whose first Erlang conference (usually Erlang Factory, Erlang User Conference, or CodeBEAM) had Joe in the attendance would have a similar reaction. There was …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Saturday April 20, 2019

Weekly Update 135

It's another episode with Scott Helme this week as he's back in town for NDC Security on the Gold Coast (still a got a week to get those tickets, folks!) The timing actually works out pretty well as there was this week's announcement around Let's Encrypt transition of their root cert which is right up his alley. …

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Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Friday April 19, 2019

A Decade Ago

I just had this image from ten years ago pop up in my “on this day” feed and it’s crazy thinking back over the last ten years. My life is a complete 180 from when this was taken. It seems every day I make a todo list and try my hardest to get it done, and I feel like I accomplished nothing when my head …

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Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Thursday April 18, 2019

Hashed API Tokens

Let's next discuss how to generate hashed API tokens that Laravel can validate against. As of Laravel 5.8, we only need to visit the config/auth.php> file …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Thursday April 18, 2019