A Look At PHP’s isset()

Liam Hammet wrote a good blogpost on the isset language construct. Let’s take a look through how isset behaves and what’s so special about it. Even if …

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Blog archive in space

I’ve been writing articles on this blog for about 13 years, and for a while now I’ve marked all of the 400ish articles with geo tags. This blog is Jekyll -based. To add Geo tags, all I had to do was add the information to the ‘front-matter’. Here’s the header of a sample post: title: "Browser tabs are …

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Web Design Weekly #357

Headlines Micro Frontends In this article Cam Jackson describes a recent trend of breaking up frontend monoliths into many smaller, more manageable pieces, and how this architecture can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams working on frontend code. ( The State of CSS 2019 …

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Serverless PHP, Array Functions, and Data Structures with Chris Tankersley

In Episode 21 Eric, John, and Oscar are back post-php[tek] to discuss the June 2019 issue. Topics John and Oscar mention what they liked from speakers and sponsors at php[tek]. Eric’s experience with serverless application performance and thinking about when and where to use it. A functional approach to …

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Two-Way Databinding Review

If you ever find yourself desperately trying to juggle state between parent and child components, ask yourself if there should instead be a single source of …

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My favorite part of our company website

Some time last year, we released the latest iteration of the website. There’s a succinct description of what we’re about, followed by a peculiar little block, dubbed “Latest insights from the team”. Unlike other agencies, we don’t have a company blog. We encourage everyone to write on their own …

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Typed properties in PHP

Brent wrote another nice post on PHP. This time on the upcoming typed hints feature of PHP 7.4. Typed class properties were added in PHP 7.4 and provide a …

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Timelapse of the future

An amazing video on the fate of our universe. To me, this overhead view of time gives a profound perspective - that we are living inside the hot flash of …

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