How to check for DNS server speeds

As you may know DNS is a system by which a browser or other software converts a domain name to a IP4 or IP6 address. Each time we access a website the browser needs to convert the domain name to a IP4/IP6 address using a DNS server. The DNS server configured on your computer could be automatically selected by your …

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Web Design Weekly #329

Headlines The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 Addy Osmani covers some strategies you can use to deliver JavaScript efficiently while still giving users a valuable experience. ( The Bullshit Web A must read for anyone that builds for the web. ( Articles How We Ditched Redux for MobX …

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PHPStan Setup

There is a good episode here []( that talks about this. The short of it is that it can easily catch some issues that your tests or IDE did …

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Firefox removes RSS support

gHacks recently reported that Mozilla plans to remove support for RSS & Atom related features. Specifically Live Bookmarks and their feed reader. The reasons cited are the lack of usage. This doesn’t completely surprise me. Both of the features don’t fit that well with modern workflows. There’s not a lot of …

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The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018

Addy Osmani: Building interactive sites can involve sending JavaScript to your users. Often, too much of it. Have you been on a mobile page that looked like it had loaded only to tap on a link or tried to scroll and nothing happens? Byte-for-byte, JavaScript is still the most expensive resource we send to mobile …

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Maizzle Email Framework

Maizzle is a new email framework for rapid HTML email development for developers. It’s a static site generator tailored to email that’s more like a project …

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