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Weekly Update 168

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 9, 2019

I'm presently on the YOW! conference tour which means doing the same keynote three times over in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It's my first time back at YOW! since 2015 and it's always a nice way to wrap up the year, especially the Brisbane leg I'm on at the moment in my home state. That's kept …

Weekly Update 167

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 1, 2019

It's summer! Yes, I know it's back to front for many of you but Dec 1 means it's sunnier than ever here. Regardless, this week I've been at DDD in Brisbane, written my 10 year old son Ari and I running kids coding clubs in Oslo (cold) and London (rainy) next month and the Swiss gov being on-boarded …

Weekly Update 166

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Nov. 24, 2019

Kangaroos! I've been trying to line these guys up for weeks to no avail but finally, they've delivered. Speaking of delivering, I actually got 3 blog posts out this week which I've not done for a while, the most significant of which relates to "data enrichment" companies (also often referred to as …